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Case Study: E-Commerce Store

Solution: E-Commerce Store             Industry: Life Sciences


An Indian based firm provides life sciences consultancy and distribution services. The company has been able to earn a reputation for its fast, reliable and on time fulfillment of life sciences services and products.

Business Challenge

Need a cost effective and efficient online e-commerce store that could be used by the network of local dealers and customers as an information gateway for life sciences products.


To address this challenge an online e-commerce store has been designed and developed with the following features to cater to the following needs of the Client’s customers and network of local dealers

  • Products– The Product section provides options to search, compare and select the desired product from the list to add to the shopping cart and make the purchase online. Customer has to filter the product that they are looking for and then select the same. Customer selects the product from a list of companies with the product details, ask for quote from the list available and select the products from different suppliers. Customers can also compare the products from the list available.
  • Supplier– The supplier section allows customers to filter the supplier from the list of suppliers available and look at the products that the selected supplier is selling. This helps them to research about the Company’s profile and compare between different suppliers before a decision is made.
  • Shop by Categories – A range of categories are available for the customers and each category has sub categories that helps customer to search the exact product that they are looking.
  • Shop by Brand – Customers get a wide range of products based on the brands made available for a better customer experience


  • Helps dealers save time by digitizing the entire buying process and select from the wide range of products offered by different manufactures.
  • A one place store for all life-sciences product suppliers and to know about their products.
  • Suppliers offer the best pricing and offers to customers.
  • Provides suppliers an opportunity to market their products and accelerate time-to market.

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