Internet of Things


IoT – Smart, Secure, and Connected devices.

According to Gartner, Inc. (a technology research and advisory corporation), there will be nearly 20.8 billion devices on the Internet of things by 2020. ABI Research estimates that more than 30 billion devices will be wirelessly connected to the Internet of things by 2020.

Internet of Things allows endless opportunities and connections to take place. Security is the main concern when discussed about IoT. With billions of devices being connected together our solutions can make sure that the information stays secure, private and safe for data sharing. We are also trying to understand what the many opportunities and challenges are going to be as more and more devices start to join the IoT. For now the best thing that we can do is to understand the potential impacts that can be seen on how we work and live.

Cloud-based applications are the key to using leveraged data. The Internet of Things doesn’t function without cloud-based applications to interpret and transmit the data coming from all these sensors. The cloud is what enables the apps to go to work for you anytime, anywhere.

  • Digital Locks
  • Smart Buildings

Connecting the sensors, devices and machines in the physical world to the Internet creates multiple new digital opportunities. Connecting every device drives better results.


Some of the possible solutions  are:

  • Retailers creating more personalized in-store shopping experiences
  • Banks providing better customer engagement via tellers and ATMs
  • Manufacturers predicting when equipment will need maintenance
  • Logistics firms designing real-time visibility into location and condition of assets
  • Restaurants reducing customer wait times with “just-in-time” meal preparation
  • Insurers increasing revenue through asset monitoring
  • Life Sciences firms use remote monitoring of clinical trials and medical devices

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